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R3B Architecture is an Indianapolis-based design firm focused on multi-family design solutions including modular design. After a decade working within the development industry, we are bringing those experiences to the design process. R3B is passionate about finding attainable housing solutions to resolve the nation’s housing shortage using traditional or modular construction techniques. We seek to help developers through initial site planning and evaluation, unit design and density analysis, PUD, zoning, and variance applications, construction documents and on to completion.

We can help you decide what is the best use of your property, drawing from experience working with commercial mixed-use developments, mid to high density multi-family apartments, urban in-fill townhouse & single-family solutions, rural modular cabins, or sustainable tiny homes.


We believe:

  • Efficient conceptual designs can drastically impact the final construction costs at the end.  

  • Timely deliverables drive a successful project schedule.

  • Learning & innovation is a continuous process.

  • Attention to detail and accessibility regulations lessens a developer’s risk.

  • Coordination lessens construction complications.

  • Sustainability and a project’s environmental impact are as important as the internal environment.

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